Seabed Mapping

Do you need to survey underwater conditions? Anko has its own specialists in seabed mapping and is happy to assist you with your project.

Easy Access

The boat we use easily navigates over rocks while also providing simple access to most areas. Its size makes it highly versatile for even the trickiest locations.

We can perform seabed mapping for waters, seas, and rivers. Using sonar, pulsating sound waves are emitted to form a detailed point cloud of the bottom. The sonar is always calibrated according to given conditions, including pressure, temperature, and salinity. This ensures you receive completely accurate results.

Complete Mapping

Do you want to map parts of the terrain or the quay near the water? At Anko, we also offer complete packages for those who need more than just seabed mapping. We can provide drones, traditional scanning, bottom mapping, and more! With this, you only have one actor to deal with, saving you both time and money on the project.

We have assisted in projects ranging from laying new water pipes, measuring depth from diving boards, volume calculations for dam work, setting up new bridges, and numerous other projects with various purposes.