Construction Layout

Move your building from the drawing board out into the field! At Anko, we assist you with precise construction layout for the many phases of your project.

Using BIM models, we place markers where work is to be performed in an efficient and clear manner. All layout work is then logged and documented through the total station on the construction site.

Construction Layout with Millimeter Accuracy

Using 3D models that are coordinated against world coordinates, there are virtually no limitations to what we can lay out – and that with an accuracy of 1 mm.

We have extensive and broad experience with layout work of various kinds. Whether it's road construction, large buildings, homes, or cabins, we are ready to help you so the work is carried out correctly and in accordance with the construction plans.

No Confusion

With us on your team, work can start when it should. We have departments spread across the entire country and can be available on short notice. We are precise in attendance and perform layout works for the designated area in accordance with the responsible contractors. This way, there's no confusion about what work is to be performed where.