Gyro/Sensor Calibration

With our specially designed software, we have the capability to calibrate all sensors and gyro-compasses. This ensures that the correct installation angles are added to the system and that the various sensors display identical values. We measure both gyro and sensors against the local coordinate system.

If there is no coordinate system on board, we will create a new one. By logging data from the onboard navigation software from the boat simultaneously with logging from our GPS system, we can easily detect discrepancies and errors in the angles at installation.

Complete Verification Under Realistic Conditions

Anko Maritime has developed a GNSS motion verification system with four antennas, AttConPRH, in collaboration with the Hydrographic Service of the Norwegian Mapping Authority (NHS), designed to perform dynamic verification of sensors such as Pitch, Roll, and Heading. This system enables complete verification of the vessel's attitude sensors under realistic movements of the vessel. A report is issued on-site immediately after the survey is completed.

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