Offshore Wind Turbines

ANKOPMS-WIND is our internal software solution, specifically developed for the offshore installation of wind turbines.

It is based on our PMS (Position Monitoring System) software. Through the continuous processing of real-time data, it provides a comprehensive overview of the position, orientation, tilt, and elevation of the components.

The installation of monopiles & transition pieces is carried out with high precision, thanks to advanced technology and real-time GNSS data.

This allows for highly efficient collection of the most accurate coordinates and data for optimal placement of offshore wind turbines.

The ANKOPMS-WIND package also includes backup for all equipment, reducing the risk of delays during installation.

Our presence extends from the moment the foundations are lifted into place until they are securely anchored on the seabed.

Installation of Wind Turbines

In establishing the foundation, we perform thorough checks to ensure accurate rotation, angle, and orientation in accordance with the plans.

Immediately after the installation is completed, we generate an "as-installed" report that verifies position, rotation, elevation, flatness, tilt, and direction/heading in accordance with given tolerance requirements.

AnkoPMS - Wind

ANKO stands out as the only entity in the world that offers software providing a visual representation of real-time movements.

This unique system relies on advanced precision equipment and minimizes the need for manual intervention. As a direct consequence, the risk is significantly reduced, and the safety level is substantially increased throughout the installation process.

This equipment can be quickly prepared on various types of installation vessels, including jack-up vessels, DP vessels, and anchor-based vessels.