Volume Calculation

Before the shovel hits the ground, thorough preliminary work is essential. Anko assists you in conducting volume calculations for everything from soil and rock to areas across the road.

For the work to proceed as efficiently as possible, especially during the planning phase, you depend on reliable volume calculations. Here at Anko, we perform volume calculations and record data that provide exact figures on volumes and areas for the designated sites.

Clear Report

Using highly modern equipment and software, we perform calculations for all kinds of purposes. From our calculations, you receive an easy-to-understand overview of the costs you will face with the further work.

The software we use produces a clear report, with concrete numbers and graphical representations of both the masses and surrounding structures. Unlike many other report formats, this report is designed to make it as easy as possible for the project manager to interpret the information.

Avoid Unpleasant Surprises

Poorly executed preliminary work can also lead to unpleasant surprises that halt further execution, not to mention costs you hadn't accounted for. To avoid later complications or disputes, it's crucial that correct volume calculations are made in advance of the project. In a situation where disagreements arise between different parties, our calculations can determine the exact volume in question.

We Ensure the Best Results

At Anko, professionals with extensive experience in volume calculation work to ensure that your construction project proceeds without significant deviations. As an entity within the construction and civil engineering industry, we also pay close attention to market trends. With this, we dedicate significant resources to investing in the latest, most innovative equipment so that you, as a customer, also receive the best results.