Contract Monitoring and Volume Calculation

Vuku Naturstein is a company involved in multiple projects within road construction, and water and sewage systems. Such projects require documentation and volume calculations for billing so that the contractor can document what they are charging the client for.

The client in these projects is often municipalities, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, county municipalities, or Nye Veier.

What is being done?

At Anko, we assist, among other things, with contract monitoring and volume calculation at the site. When we perform documentation and volume calculations, we rely on accurate measurements. The contractor can do this themselves, or our skilled engineers can do it.

Nowadays, a lot of measurements are also taken using machine control in excavators. These measurements are then used for documentation and, if necessary, volume calculation. In addition, road models are used for volume calculation.

Typical cross-section for road volume calculation:

At Vuku Naturstein, we usually sit down with them for 2-3 days at the end of each month for a joint review of the projects so that we can create final measurement letters (documentation).