Offshore Surveying

At Anko, we offer a wide range of offshore services. We currently assist production management in many disciplines offshore, including steel structures, piping, and mechanical equipment. To this end, we utilize the best in 3D scanners and Leica Total Stations combined with the correct software. Tracker equipment is also used when tolerance requirements are within tenths of a millimeter.

Precise Measurements

In connection with modifications and maintenance on offshore installations, strict accuracy requirements are imposed. With state-of-the-art equipment and technology, we ensure the work is carried out with the highest precision possible.

For equipment or module replacements, we have the expertise and necessary equipment. We help you measure existing elements that are to be replaced with new ones.

With us on your team, you can be sure that the interfaces on the platform match the interfaces of the object to be installed. To mention some, we can assist with measuring:

  • Bearing points
  • Guide arrangements
  • Pipe flanges

We can also measure navigation equipment, motion sensors, gyroscopes, antennas, and any other equipment for which you want to determine the position.

Get an Overview of Potential Obstacles

Through mapping of the surrounding area, we also help you identify potential obstacles that could create problems during installation.

Minimal Downtime

After surveying, we produce a report or 3D model you can use as a basis for constructing new parts to be sent offshore. We understand the importance of minimizing time spent offshore and therefore work efficiently and precisely so that you can have as little downtime as possible.

Do you need offshore surveying? Contact us today, and we'll be there in no time!

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