Situation Maps

Before a construction project can commence, it's crucial to be aware of the project's premises. We produce visual representations of the terrain and surrounding factors.

We Deliver What You Need for Your Project

Anko AS has extensive experience in creating situation plans and can deliver lot analyses, sun diagrams, and 3D visualizations for your project.

The software we use can present ample cartographic data. Get a clear overview of various heights, the terrain, property boundaries, types of rock, vegetation, water and sewage networks, and more. The maps can also include cross-sections through a house, showing how constructions and foundations interact with rock and fjord – everything you need to gain an overview of the premises for your project.

We Ensure Accurate Results

Today, several actors offer similar services without sufficient expertise in the field. At Anko, you will be connected with skilled professionals who have extensive experience in land surveying, mapping, and volume calculations. With this, you are guaranteed precise results performed by people with solid competence in the area.