3D Laser Scanning

At Anko, we can assist you with the registration and mapping of existing buildings and structures, both offshore and onshore. By using high-tech scanning equipment, we ensure a detailed and precise point cloud that is used to create the models you need.

360-Degree Scanning

The scanner we use is placed on a tripod and scans in a 360-degree rotation. During scanning, the angle and distance to all visible objects from each setup are measured. This provides us with a three-dimensional point cloud, and by combining data from multiple setups, we obtain a complete point cloud of the area being mapped.

HDR Model

The scanning can be controlled from an iPad, allowing us full control over what is scanned. Our scanners also take pictures using HDR technique. This means the scanner performs five exposures with different shutter speeds for every single image. If there are significant differences in light, this will be evened out.

Common Uses

Common uses for 3D scanning include, but are not limited to, scanning of boat hulls, tunnels, roads, buildings, and scanning in connection with the rehabilitation of existing structures. However, there are virtually no limits to what we can scan!

At Anko, you will meet skilled professionals with extensive experience who can perform scanning of various kinds. The person responsible for scanning has been involved in scanning since 2004. We are always flexible in our work and go to great lengths to ensure you get the help you need as quickly as possible!