Position Monitoring System - PMS

In the event of an accident, it's crucial to have an overview of what happened. Our solutions monitor, log, and ensure that mission-critical systems operate according to specified specifications.

Access to Valuable Information

The system is designed to register and store relevant parameters and measurements, such as temperature, pressure, flow rate, levels, or other critical variables. This provides operators and maintenance personnel with valuable information to analyze and understand the causes of the accident. At the same time, the data will make it easier to assess the extent and possible risks, as well as which measures should be implemented to continue normal operation.

Available for a Variety of Installations

Our PMS solution can be installed at a variety of installations, including oil tanks, platforms, supply boats, wind turbines, and helidecks. It is currently in use in the United Kingdom, Norway, Brazil, and on all shuttle tankers serving Equinor and Petrobras FPSOs, in addition to a number of other operators in other countries. The system is better known as BlomPMS.

The user interface can be placed on the bridge, in an offshore control room, and/or in remote controls on land. The Position Monitoring System reflects the focus on digitalization and integrated operations in Oil & Gas. Our solutions are designed to verify information and display the results in real-time for both offshore users and support centers on land. The system can also be used to ensure that the intended operation is feasible.

Meets Multiple Requirements

Our PMS complies with the requirements of the "Norwegian recommended guideline for oil and gas for offshore loading shuttle tankers, NOROG 140 - Offshore Norway recommended guidelines for Offshore Loading Shuttle Tankers", as well as the latest edition of Oil & Gas UK "Tandem Loading Guidelines".

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