Today, there is a significant need for BIM models across various disciplines. We can assist with the processing and modeling of point clouds for all types of constructions, ranging from architectural models and slim-BIM to industrial and oil sectors.

Interdisciplinary Work

At Anko, we have extensive and broad experience working with BIM models. This is an interdisciplinary effort involving multiple departments to ensure the results are precise, unambiguous, and correctly executed. The models are based on point clouds that provide an exact representation of the construction, processed and modeled by our skilled team.

Creating as-built models is useful for numerous purposes. Among others, we deliver BIM models for:

  • Architectural work
  • Renovation work
  • New constructions
  • Digital twins
  • Industry

BIM Models with the Details You Want

We deliver BIM models with the level of detail the customer desires. Using various types of software, plugins, and AI, there are virtually no limitations to what we can perform. After scanning is completed, the processing team reviews all details, ensuring to remove elements that should not be included and delineating the area to be modeled.

We have extensive experience with the Norwegian standard for building components and ensure that the models are assigned the correct code for different object types when necessary.


With Twinmotion, we can add shadows, textures, and essential characteristics that show what the building would look like in reality. Our specialist has extensive experience with Twinmotion and can help you set up the model exactly as you wish.

Do you need to create a BIM model with or without Twinmotion for your project? Contact us. We guarantee a reliable, unambiguous, and correct model for your use.