As a major player in geomatics, laser scanning, and BIM, it's also our desire to be at the forefront of development and innovation. Therefore, we continuously work on developing our own technology. Currently, we have several exciting projects underway.

Processing and Modeling

In the BIM department, we are now fully engaged in researching the efficiency of both the processing and modeling phases of our work. During this work, we are testing out various ways of working and conducting a careful review of routines, while also exploring the potential use of equipment, plugins, and coding for the automation of tasks performed.

AnkoPMS - Wind

In connection with the installation of offshore wind turbines, Anko has developed its own software solution based on our PMS solution. This system represents a groundbreaking approach within offshore wind turbine work.

AnkoMPiTM (MonoPile Installer) plays a crucial role in the monitoring and installation of monopiles on offshore foundations for wind turbines. MPi enables accurate positioning of the vessel and gripping arms before installation. Furthermore, it monitors the monopile's verticality, rotation, and elevation during piling, ensuring flawless installation every time.

Our work on innovation does not rest, and here at Anko, we have no plans to slow down. We continue to work on developing and improving the most advanced methods, systems, and procedures in the industry.