Digital Twin

A digital twin is a digital model of a physical object in the real world, which can be used for various purposes.

Some of the purposes include inspection, planning, safety, measurements, calculations, routing, and more.

Depending on the customer's needs, a digital twin can be created using various sensors, but the most common are photo cameras and LiDARs.

Data is collected in the real world with these sensors and later processed and used to create a digital twin.

To create a digital twin, Anko uses, among other things, the recently acquired NavVis VLX 3 mobile mapping system.

NavVis VLX 3 allows us to capture data simply by walking through the area to be mapped.

It simultaneously gathers LiDAR data and 360º panoramic images to create a complex 3D walkthrough similar to Google Street View but includes a powerful and accurate point cloud.

Data is processed and stored in NavVis Ivion Core. A cloud-based solution, which only requires an internet connection to access massive data volumes.

The digital twin is then created and can be accessed on request in NavVis Ivion Core.

NavVis Ivion Core is an excellent tool that we use to provide our customers easy access to data and gives the end-user a comprehensive and accurate view of their project.

In NavVis Ivion Core, the end-user can, among other things, create customized maps and floor plans, tag and measure, crop and download point clouds, create points of interest, and much more.

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