Industrial Measurement

Anko offers industrial measurement services for a variety of purposes. We carry out tasks on all scales – from simple objects, through modules, to entire infrastructures.

Wide Range of Services in Industrial Measurement

We can perform measurements of most types of objects and details such as pipes, modules, structures, interfaces between modules, "guides and bumpers," etc. Depending on what and how precisely something needs to be mapped, equipment that is most appropriate for the job is selected. This could be a total station, a laser scanner, a laser tracker, or an object scanner. We deliver reports in the form of 3D sketches or 3D models and point cloud data where desired. Our services are available for a variety of purposes. Below are some relevant applications.

  • Optimizing space utilization.
  • Analyzing and visualizing measured details, e.g., interface control.
  • Control of "guide" and "bumpers" arrangements for module assembly/loading.
  • Inspection of existing facilities and structures.
  • Checking dimensions on prefabricated elements.
  • Documentation of wear and tear, for example, through annual control measurements.
  • Establishing coordinate systems (grids) on platforms, boats, etc.
  • Measuring sensors on boats, subsea structures, etc.
  • Production assistance in assembling large structures and piping systems.
  • Setting out construction lines for prefabrication.

We are highly flexible and travel to clients both domestically and internationally as needed.

Control of smaller prefabricated parts can also be performed in our facilities.