Construction Measurement

Accurate and reliable measurements are crucial for achieving the correct construction geometry, functionality, and safety for structures. At Anko, we assist you with construction measurements for use in various stages of the construction process, including design, excavation, foundation work, placement of infrastructure facilities, and control of the construction's quality. Among other things, we can assist with:

  • Volume Calculation: We measure and calculate all masses that have been excavated and added.
  • Utility Services: Setting out markings for house corners, manholes, sewer, water, and drainage, etc.
  • Documentation: We log and document the work that has been performed.
  • Machine Control: We create data that machine operators use to perform the work. At the same time, we assist with the calibration of the equipment.
  • Designing: Together with the project manager, we look for new solutions if intended plans cannot be implemented.

We Provide You With Accurate Results

With measurements performed by us, you get precise information about the terrain, existing structures, and other relevant parameters necessary for the planning, design, and construction of infrastructure projects.

At Anko, we have extensive experience with construction measurement for various uses. With us, you meet specialists in their field who are not afraid to pitch in. We are also solution-oriented and work with both accuracy and efficiency to ensure your project can proceed without significant deviations and delays.