Vessel Survey

Anko assists you in measuring the installation angles of navigation sensors against a common coordinate system, so you have a complete overview of deviations and adjustments that need to be input into the software onboard the boat. These measurements ensure you have precisely accurate adjustments, angles, directions, and tilts so that operations are not conducted with deviations.

We can assist with:

  • As-built models
  • DGNSS Health Check
  • Measurement of Boat, Rig, and ROV
  • Navigation System Control

On a vessel, it is both advantageous and necessary to have an overview of as-built and as-installed constructions and elements, as well as their adjustments. At Anko, we can provide all the necessary equipment to perform precise measurements of boats, rigs, ROVs, and other installations, and then link these to a common coordinate system.

Complete Overview with Total Station

The coordinate system is set up with an x, y, and z-axis, origin point, and a defined reference plane. By using a total station, you get a complete overview of all angles and positions of interest onboard and can link this to the common coordinate system.

After the measurements are carried out, a report is delivered with descriptions, definitions, procedures, pictures, and a table overview/sketches of areas of interest for improvement.

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