Ålgård school currently accommodates 221 students in the center of Ålgård. In 2023, Gjesdal municipality reached out to us requesting the creation of an "as-built" model of the existing buildings to aid in the planned rehabilitation.

What was done?

The municipality wanted to establish a visual model for the design and planning of further renovation work. We then created both a point cloud and a model that is planned to be used by all disciplines in the rehabilitation. A large part of this project was carried out using our newest addition to the technology pool, the NavVis VLX 3 mobile mapping tool.

How was the work carried out?

For both the municipality and us, it was crucial that the work was carried out while the students were on their summer vacation. This is because it causes fewer disruptions to the scanning process, and the accessibility to all rooms is optimal. Before the scanning can begin, it is important to establish a solid benchmark system around and inside the buildings. We then used GPS to establish this outdoors, and a total station that allows these points to be further transferred into the building. This delivers a point cloud and model in global coordinates. The field scanning took 2 working days, and internally there were more than 5400m².

With the same starting point, the work is simplified and more organized for everyone involved in the rehabilitation work.