Project at Sverdrups gate 27

Previously, the company had to measure each element at the construction site before they could start the prefabrication of these. This was very time-consuming and posed a greater risk of measurement errors.


The challenge with the project was the presence of several disturbances in the ceiling. This was a challenge our skilled engineers took in stride, and it quickly became clear that this was a job for our RTC 360 scanner.


The problem was solved by cleaning away what was not to be included in the point cloud itself. This way, we were left with only what was important. We could then deliver a cleaned point cloud to the architect. From the point cloud, the architect could then precisely determine the size of the various elements. The drawings are then sent for prefabrication, and when the elements arrive at the construction site, only assembly remains. This results in significant time savings for the builder.


3D laser scanning is used today in a variety of projects where rapid data collection covering large areas is desired. To achieve the highest possible quality on our scanner data, we use scanners from Leica Geosystems. These provide point cloud accuracy down to 1-2 mm on scanned surfaces.