Calibration on Volantis

In 2023, we were in Frederikshavn, Denmark, to carry out a mission on behalf of Deep Ocean on the vessel Volantis.

Volantis is a dynamically positioned multi-purpose subsea construction vessel, designed to operate under extreme weather conditions with high capacity for maintaining position.

What did we do?

During this mission, Anko Maritime performed dimensional control, calibration, and DGNSS Health Check on the vessel Volantis. We calibrated the Seapath, Starpack, Anchutz, and Seapath MRU.

How the work was conducted

The calibration was carried out using the JNS Gyro - 4 GNSS attitude sensors, produced by Javad Navigation Systems. This sensor uses four antennas, each connected to its own receiver on the helideck. All receivers are connected to a common sensor and share the same oscillator. The misalignment between the vessel's centerline and the Javad antennas was measured using a total station.

Furthermore, Anko Maritime logs simultaneously as the vessel with the online navigation system for 2 hours. This establishes C-O (Computed – Observed) based on comparisons (subtractions) between these datasets. Verification logging was performed for 30 minutes.