Seabed Mapping for Diving Boards in Stavanger

In 2021, we at Anko were contacted by the Parks and Facilities Department of Stavanger Municipality. They wanted all municipal diving boards to be mapped with respect to safe depths and bottom conditions.

What was done?

In 2021, depths were mapped just below and within a radius of 10 meters for all municipal diving boards. It was determined that several boards needed to be relocated to improve safety for swimmers. The mapping was extended to more destinations and larger areas for a broader investigation. Anko conducted all the mapping from a light boat using multibeam echosounder technology.


Finding locations for new municipal diving boards presents several challenges. The first priority was sufficient depth. At the same time, access (from land) for swimmers had to be good, with proximity to recreational areas, hiking trails, etc. A final factor was the actual production. The location for new diving boards had to have bedrock where one could cast concrete foundations above the waterline.

The result

Through thorough mapping at sea and on land, we at Anko were able to deliver a very detailed sea depth model. The model provided a good overview of potential new locations - and which places were less suitable. Anko was also engaged to suggest new locations considering depths, access for swimmers, and the suitability of the bedrock.

Success of the mission

The mapping of all the diving boards was completed in 2023. Before our mapping, divers were used for surveys. This mapping was somewhat narrow. With the use of multibeam echosounders, it is possible to quickly map larger areas. Anko's boat, a 17-foot Pioneer, can map in shallow waters, which was important for this assignment. Our expertise in mapping on land and sea provided a very good basis for safe placements of Stavanger Municipality's diving boards.