Till the Top: Anko Expands Horizons with Gaming

In 2022, Anko entered the gaming world by arranging CS:GO games after working hours at our premises in Stavanger. After experiencing successful events, word spread to other Anko offices and this created a community where employees across geographical boundaries could bond.

Our next step was to compete against other companies in the Haven Company League (HCL). Through a collaboration with Sport Innovation, we secured tailor-made gaming uniforms and took on the challenge in the first season.

Here we met skilled players from other companies and made contacts across various professional environments. In addition, we used advanced scanning equipment to create a detailed model of Haven's premises. Although Anko's placing in the first season was somewhat disappointing, the experience was still valuable and inspired our players to fight all the way to the semi-finals the following season.

This experience has not only created bonds between the offices, but also opened doors for collaboration with other companies. We look forward to the ever-growing technology development in gaming, and want to be part of this wave.