The Hywind Tampen Project

Equinor has previously been very satisfied with Anko's services, and with our broad expertise and use of Leica total stations, we were able to ensure a more cost-saving wind power project, both economically and in terms of time.

Hywind Tampen was a floating wind farm project that became the world's first wind park to supply renewable power to offshore oil and gas platforms. As part of the construction of the wind turbines, Anko was engaged for Kværner with its engineers as a result of the framework agreement with Equinor.

The framework agreement was entered into in 2016 in competition with other companies.

At Stord and Dommersnes, where 11 concrete hulls were built (substructure), Anko contributed to ensuring that geometry and strict construction tolerances were maintained.

With good experience from Hywind Scotland, we also took on the role as a third-party inspector for the critical steel flanges supplied to the wind turbines.

Part of this activity was carried out on the construction site in Spain.