The Hotel on Piles

Anko assists in the construction of the Quality Hotel Harstad.

It is to be built by the seaside at the Kaarbø quarter, and with that location, it presents challenges.

In Harstad, there has been a lot to do. Anko assists Consto in the construction of the Quality Hotel Harstad, a 40m tall landmark building, which will be the city's tallest building upon completion.

The hotel is being built by the seaside at the Kaarbø quarter, including an associated dock, road, and roundabout.

In the initial phase, we assisted with surveying for foundation work. Then, 71 sea piles and 31 land piles.

The location of the hotel has presented challenges. When building along the sea, as here, it is difficult to get good enough spread/geometry for the benchmarks. Fortunately, we have some breakwaters, and sufficiently short distance to the other side of the sea so that the marks can be established there.

Today, the project has progressed even further, and the hotel is now being built upwards in height. Anko is then responsible for setting out axes, walls, and columns.

We retrieve this from BIM models and models that contain all the information we need, and all different trades are included in the model so that we can clearly see where everything should be. (Building mass, ventilation, water and sewage, electrical, etc.)

Then, we use our total stations to set out what is needed so that everything is built correctly.

The setting out is, of course, done with millimeter precision.