NVDB (Nasjonal vegdatabank) and FKB (Felles kartbase)


New roads and tunnels are constantly being developed or improved, and final documentation must be provided for this. Often there are many objects and long stretches that must be documented over time. It is then important to have the necessary measurements of objects carried out continuously.

The database contains detailed information on various objects and is used for planning, operation and maintenance of the road network. Objects can be, for example, signs, gutters, basins, lamps etc.

All the objects are linked to a road, you can see on the map where the locations are in the terrain.


Administered by the Norwegian Mapping Authority and is a nationwide database with detailed map data for Norway. Everything that is built today must be documented and entered into the database. This applies to terrain, roads, buildings etc. This is updated regularly and is available to both public and private users. This database is regularly updated, which makes planning various projects easier.

Anko has extensive experience in registering, preparing and delivering data to NVDB/FKB in accordance with the standard, and is happy to follow the project from start to finish.Some projects Anko has contributed to the delivery of NVDB/FKB are: Haukelitunnelen, Ryggedalstunnelen, Ryfast, Vågslidtunnelen, Geitskardtunnelen, E6 Ranheim-Værnes