Navvis VLX 3 represents the latest scanning technology at Anko

Mobile Mapping with VLX 3

Navvis VLX 3 represents the latest scanning technology at Anko. We have been using this scanner since 2023 and have observed several advantages with the VLX 3. Accuracy has always been a fundamental principle for us when scanning. Previously, mobile scanners were less reliable in terms of accuracy, but with VLX 3, the latest generation VLX from Navvis, we achieve both accuracy and speed. Carrying the scanner on our shoulders, we move more quickly through various environments such as buildings, streets, and landscapes. The result is detailed point clouds and 360 photos with documented quality. In all our projects, our laser scanners are used in combination with reference points that are measured in advance of mapping.

Reference Points

Reference points are necessary to georeference a point cloud or link it to a local coordinate system in, for example, a building. This gives us control over the assembly of all scanner positions and will provide a point cloud with very high internal accuracy in the areas being mapped.

Directly Accessible in Web Browser

NavVis Ivion is the end-user platform for viewing point clouds and 360 photos. This viewer opens directly in a web browser and can resemble Google Street View but with extended functionality such as accurate measuring tools, Points of Interest, and Crop&Download. With the latter feature, designers can download point clouds from the whole or parts of the scanned area in the desired format and coordinate system. The point cloud can further be used in preferred software like Revit, Archicad, etc.

Picture from IVION
IVION Minimap

What can this be used for?

Our clients include contractors, property owners, designing professions such as architects, structural engineers, and more.

The applications are many, and we have discovered more over time. Viewing solutions for planners, rehabilitation of buildings, area calculations, AS-BUILT documentation, to name a few.

Customer Needs

VLX 3 is one of several scanning technologies we use. For each assignment, we make assessments to choose the right equipment based on the customer's needs and with regard to accuracy, image quality, and speed.