Hoem & Aamodt Oppmåling AS Continues in Anko AS

Since 2020, Hoem & Aamodt Oppmåling AS has been a subsidiary of Anko AS and part of the Anko group. Hoem & Aamodt Oppmåling AS has now merged with Anko AS, with Anko AS as the acquiring company. The merger was completed at the end of August 2023.

Since 2020, Hoem & Aamodt Oppmåling AS has been part of the Anko group's operations and continues after the merger as its own department Kristiansand in Anko AS. The professional community within construction and civil engineering staking, surveying according to the cadastral law, mapping with drones and terrestrial scanning, as well as the development of terrain models, continues unchanged in the new department.

After the merger, there are now seven department offices in the Anko group across Norway, with a total of 125 surveying engineers. The Anko group delivers all engineering services within surveying, cadastral services, digital twins, and machine control.

"It is good to have Hoem & Aamodt Oppmåling AS as the Kristiansand department in Anko. It is more efficient and ties the professional community closer to the Anko group's other operations. We can now more easily work on common projects, and we can deliver more services and projects to the market," says CEO Mette M. Pedersen in Anko AS.

"As a department in the Anko group, we can more easily offer the full breadth of Anko's services. We look forward to growing with more projects and great colleagues in this region," says Marius Hertaas, department manager at Anko Kristiansand.

For more information, please contact:

Mette M. Pedersen, phone +47 958 84 946, CEO of Anko AS.

Marius Hertaas, phone +47 414 75 877, department manager Anko Kristiansand