Authorized Property Surveyor

Anders Buli Greibesland is employed at our office in Kristiansand. He has been working here since the autumn of 2017. He joined us from his position as a Surveying Engineer in Bergen Municipality, where he worked from 2011-2017. There, he worked with cadastral proceedings and cadastral registration in accordance with decisions. He also had experience in property taxation. With us, he has worked on the framework agreements we have had with Lindesnes municipality and Kvinesdal municipality, in addition to varied tasks within construction and civil engineering.

In 2018, the Norwegian Parliament enacted several changes in the Cadastral Act, including the introduction of authorization for property surveyors who are to manage cadastral proceedings. The Norwegian Mapping Authority was assigned the role of authorization authority, and one can obtain authorization by applying to the Mapping Authority to take an authorization test. Authorization requires education based on a bachelor's or master's degree and relevant practice. From 01.07.2023, there is a requirement for 4 years of practice.

Since Anders had sufficient relevant practice, he only needed to apply for a spot, which he got.

He completed and passed the authorization test in February 2023 and received his authorization on 24.02.2023.