Akita and Noshiro Offshore Wind Farms

The wind farms are located in the harbors of Akita and Noshiro in the coastal zone of Akita.

This project consists of 33 Monopile and Transition Piece with an estimated production of 139 MW of total electrical power. The Akita and Noshiro wind farms will be able to power 48,950 and 75,308 homes per year, respectively. It is the first commercial large-scale offshore wind project in Japan.

Anko has installed nearly 300 offshore wind turbine foundations over the past 10 years and has good expertise in this field. We see that our knowledge can be useful for the increasing interest in offshore wind power. We have worked with wind power in Germany, the UK, Japan, and Norway.

Now, we have a surveying team in Japan assisting with the installation of wind turbine foundations for the project named: Akita and Noshiro Offshore Wind Farms.

By combining different measuring techniques and our proprietary software ANKOPMS-WIND, based on our PMS software, Anko Maritime ensures that the demanding installation tolerances are met and that the wind turbine foundations are safely positioned within the strict requirements.

The offshore installation company Seajacks UK Limited engaged Anko Maritime offshore surveying experts because "monitoring of monopile and Transition Piece position, orientation, verticality, and height is crucial for a successful installation," says Paul Carter, "Construction Manager" at Seajacks.