Object Scanning of Stone Head

In connection with the rehabilitation of Stavanger Cathedral, there was a request from Stavanger Museum to scan a stone head of Magnus Lagabøte (Norwegian king in the years 1263-1280). For this, Anko provided the necessary equipment.

How did it proceed?

Since the stone head is located high up on Stavanger Cathedral, scaffolding had to be used. This was already in place due to renovation work on the church, which made the work even more time-efficient. There is no doubt that it has been a long time since anyone has been so close to the carving, as it is very inaccessible without scaffolding, and we are proud to have performed object scanning for the Cathedral.

The scanning was performed on-site using our Handyscan Black Elite object scanner. Once the necessary scanning was completed, we were able to deliver a 3D model that was further used to create a replica of the head.