Lørenskog Hageby

In the autumn of 2020, we also became part of another project in Lørenskog, which is to be completed in 2025. In the background of the picture above, you can see Lørenskog Hageby. Here, we are assisting Betonmast in building 423 new apartments spread across five blocks.

Our work in this process has largely involved the staking of the raw buildings for all the blocks and the parking basement.


This project is under significant time pressure, where the biggest challenge has been to maintain pace. For example, there have been many deadlines where we have found ourselves with the wall we are supposed to mark hanging from the crane overhead. As soon as we have marked the concrete, it is then set down. With this, we are very sharp and careful with good routines and efficient execution.

As of now, the project continues to proceed, and we are in place to perform correct staking!