Framework Agreement for Surveying Services

Framework Agreement for Surveying Services

Anko has a framework agreement for surveying services with several municipalities, including Kvinesdal and Lindesnes Municipality in Agder.

The current framework agreement with Kvinesdal Municipality has been in place since 2020, while the framework agreement with Lindesnes Municipality was established in 2017.

What do we do?

The job involves carrying out cadastral proceedings on behalf of the municipalities. This includes the division of new properties, adjustment of boundaries, and clarification of boundaries. The municipalities send an order to us. Then, we send out a summons to the parties and hold the cadastral proceeding on-site. Afterwards, we ensure the measurement, marking of boundaries, and calculations in accordance with the Cadastral Act and associated standards.

Ensuring Successful Measurement

Cadastral measurement for the municipality is exciting as it combines expertise, technical measurement, and social skills. A surveyor must be familiar with legislation and standards and find good solutions for measurement in varied terrain. In addition, we meet many different people through our work. By finding the balance between professional knowledge and good communication with the parties, we ensure the task is carried out in a good manner. This guarantees a good collaboration with the municipal staff, while we can also benefit from local knowledge.