In Odda, a new quay facility has been constructed at Boliden. Boliden is a supplier of zinc with efficient and environmentally friendly production.

What did we do?

Initially, Anko was engaged by Vest Betong for the prefabrication of 6 concrete elements. The largest quay element had a deadweight of approximately 600 tons.

The prefabrication took place at the old Spilderhaug quay in Stavanger. Anko established a local benchmark system, staked out all axes, deck edges, etc.


After about 4 months of casting, the elements were finished and ready for transport to Boliden, Odda. The finished elements were picked up by the crane ship Ugland, which transported the entire structure by sea to Odda. In advance, prisms were established on all elements for easier placement on piles at Boliden.

All elements (about 1000m2 of quay deck) were safely and precisely hoisted into place within 24 hours.